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April went by with many days that were so beautiful, I wondered whether I had walked onto a shoot for Aspen Magazine. Spring is one of my favourite seasons. Actually, it’s my second-favourite season. Fall is my favourite season: I like the mild weather, changing colours of leaves, the smell of wood and fires — and the fact that all the mosquitoes are dying very convenient deaths. But Spring is great, too. Especially this one.

I saw the beauty of New York City’s skyline as we played in the Kaplan Penthouse at Lincoln Center before flying to an almost paradisiacal Bay Area, California to teach and perform all over the campus of Stanford University. Vancouver was also beautiful, as was the acoustically brilliant Orpheum Theatre (pictured on the left), and then Toronto was drenched in an unusual sunny disposition. It seemed the sun followed everywhere I went, even to Virginia, before coming back to New York. Some of you will remember Todd Fox, who I visited as I was so close to DC: He remarked every time I’ve come to DC for various concerts the past three years, DC has had unconventionally good weather.

Though DC is one of my favourite cities, I have to visit it during a rainstorm. It seems to me visiting a city when it’s nice out is not unlike going to a restaurant when you’re hungry:  You’re never sure if the restaurant is really that good or if you’re just in a zone where the table cloth would be just as tasty.

But I digress from my realization. The first is this: Nothing kills the productivity of blogging like announcing that you will be blogging regularly. So from now on, no more of that.  Second: Did you realize that “snuck” is not a word? In my most recent blog posting, I used the word and realize that for the past 30 or 40 years, it would have been wrong to do so. Now, it’s accepted into common usage. My third, and final realization: If you do something long enough and with confidence, even if it’s wrong, the Dictionary may just come by and say, “You know what? You’re so wrong, you’re now right. Thanks for helping us keep our jobs as we keep publishing these hard-covered New Editions.”

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  1. If it were up to me, the long distance buses (Greyhound, Peter Pan, Megabus) would be at the train stoaitn somehow, that is what makes the most sense to me, have the intercity transit at one place, and the local transit nearby. RIPTA actually likes the long distance buses being at Kennedy Plaza as a lot passengers get off those buses and onto RIPTA. If the pedestrian environment between the train stoaitn were better and better demarcated it wouldn’t be a big deal to have the buses be two blocks away.Since there are only 2 berths for the long distance buses at Kennedy Plaza, I imagine that could be an issue for allowing more than two carriers to use it. If they all wanted to have a bus leave on the hour, there wouldn’t be room for all of them. It seems like bad marketing for Megabus to not be where people know the buses to be. People naturally go to KP to catch the bus and to get there and find that Megabus is someplace else is an inconvenience for their passengers. The major congestion issue at Kennedy Plaza is the RIPTA buses which are going in and out constantly and the fact that the number of buses serving the Plaza today exceeds the capacity for which it was designed. The long distance buses that come in once and hour or so aren’t the big cause of congestion.

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